thunder ESG Strategy

By positively responding to the national policy, NaaS integrates ESG governance into its corporate development philosophy, contributing to a wonderful vision of Green Charging. Guided by Green Orientation, Ecological Collaboration, Responsible Governance and Innovation Drive under ESG policy, we prioritize nine aspects in our work, namely: green development from the source, green

development for the stations, green development in the application, resource utilization optimization, strategic cooperation, information and data security, anti-corruption, digital transformation and professional production and research, in order to actively promote the sustainable growth of the new energy service industry.

green charging

Green Orientation

  • We practice the philosophy of green operation for enterprises, and lead enterprises within the industrial chain in ecological operations for the sustainable development of enterprises, individuals and cities.
  • Green Development from the Source: We provide clean energy for cooperating charging stations for their ecological operation.
  • Green Development for the Stations: We customize ecological services for stations and leverage the technologies like PV-storage charging to solve the problem of green energy consumption facing stations.
  • Green Development in the Application: We have created an innovative mechanism for carbon inclusion to guide individuals in their environmental actions.

Ecological Collaboration

  • We maintain efficient strategic cooperation with partners to boost the development of the new energy industry and the improvement of the new energy ecosphere.
  • Strategic Cooperation: We have established strategic cooperations with many enterprises for a win-win relation toward ecological conservation and enhancement.
  • Resource Utilization Optimization: We always help enterprises integrate charging resources efficiently.

Responsible Governance

  • We constantly improve the ESG management capability to protect the long-term interests of all stakeholders.
  • Anti-corruption: Anti-corruption is the core of effective corporate governance. We lay emphasis on related issues and promote the sustainable development of the industry.
  • Information and Data Security: We value the information and data security, and continue to strengthen network security, privacy protection and intellectual property protection.

Innovation Drive

  • We are committed to accelerating the digitalization of the new energy industry by grasping the development law of the industry.
  • Digital Transformation: We spare no effort to promote the digital transformation of energy infrastructure in urban areas and enhance progress in the industry’s prosperity.
  • Professional Production and Research: With the support of production and research experts, we are confident and competent in the provision of customized services.

Clean Energy & Carbon Reduction


A total of carbon emission was reduced in 2022

1,847,700 tons


A total of carbon emission was reduced in 2021

896,000 tons


An increase of


electricity purchased

The electricity purchased in 2022 reached

439 million kWh

clean energy windmill

Including clean energy (PV, wind
power, hydropower)

393 million kWh

clean energy hands

Clean energy accounting for


carbon dioxide

A total of carbon dioxide was reduced by
purchasing clean electricity

309,085 tons

electricity purchased

The electricity purchased totaled

550 million kWh

clean energy windmill

Including clean energy (PV, wind power, hydropower)

449 million kWh

clean energy hands

Clean energy accounting for




More than

463,000 users

participated in the carbon credit activities in the Carbon Inclusion Project


We donated RMB


300,000 to Charity Federation of Anji County for the purpose of common prosperity